Vendor Spotlight: World Centric

Happy Earth Day everyone!  We, at Black Magic Coffee Company, are deeply committed to the environment, which is why we choose World Centric for our cups and lids.  "Our every action has an impact on the well-being of our planet and our everyday decisions can help create a better world for all.  World Centric provide eco-friendly alternatives to everyday consumption choices, which can help minimize social & economic inequalities, reduce the impact of our consumption on the environment and help create a better and sustainable world."  Their superb products and excellent customer service are a 'world away' from all others.  Please do your part today and every day.  

Love Buzz


A Little Bazaar (quite the contrary actually) presents Love Buzz at the Mill No. 5.  A former textile mill located in Lowell, Mill No. 5 is home to tech start-ups, a movie theater, yoga studio, a farm-to-table restaurant and lounge/library.  So when the call for coffee came, naturally we jumped on it!  Please join us Saturday, February 1st, 2014 from 12p-7p.