It's true what they say, "Time flies when you're having fun."  Today we officially turn one!  Here's a "look" back at the year, in words . . .

Friend looking for mobile coffee.  Black Magic Coffee is an easy recommendation! -Caleb Baker

Hey hey!  Think I saw you at SoWa a few weeks back.  Really dig your mobile espresso bar; very cool and whimsical. -Aaron Gerry

Drinking a malt iced coffee from Black Magic Coffee at SoWa.  Can't get enough of this stuff! -Michael Langone

You make a seriously delicious iced chai.  Thanks for sticking around during our marketplace on Saturday! -Jessica Burko

Black Magic Coffee looking awesome on TV Dave! -Dennis Tang

Can't wait to see you at SoWa . . . malted iced coffee WIN! -Ana Dorsey

Amazing coffee today! -Keith Schubert

Thank you Black Magic Coffee for that spectacular cup of coffee!  If you haven't yet, go check them out at SoWa. -Nancy Ciara

Amazing coffee from Black Magic Coffee!  If you need some great beans be sure to check them out at SOWA! -Diego Torres-Palma

Had an awesome time during Black Magic Coffee's visit today.  Highly recommend him to others for all your espresso needs!  -Meghan Suslak

Seriously some of the best coffee I've ever had! -Becca Sylvetsky

Thanks for the iced coffee!  Just the pick-me-up I needed.  Delicious! -Danielle Petrucci

Black Magic Coffee serves great hot chocolate! -Michele Biscoe

Best latte in Somerville! -Gretchen Mendoza

Yum!  Excellent coffee.  Also, best cappuccino ever. -Francine Whu

That was some amazing coffee!  The coffee I had today just doesn't seem the same anymore! -Matthew Parola

Thank you ALL for the kind words, it's been our privilege serving you.  Last but certainly not least, we thank our friends at Case Coffee Roasters, Entimos Coffee Roasters, Magpie Coffee Roasters, Populace Coffee, Tandem Coffee Roasters and Shaw Farm.  They've been with us since our inception in 2012.